Sermon at Eastgate church of Christ

Sermon by Bryan Cook


Chapel 1/25/2013

Eastgate 1/27/2013ephesus-celcus-library


What Are We in Christ’s church?

Lessons from Ephesians.


  1. Why would someone want to be part of the church of Christ?
    1. There are obvious reasons such as a heavenly home and avoiding eternal torment.
    2. There are reasons we sometimes overlook which are also very important.
  2. What did the church at Ephesus have in the church? Which is the same that every congregation of God’s people have if they are faithful.
  3. We are God’s Children Eph. 1:5
    1. We are adopted as children.
    2. What an honor to be called the children of the living God.
    3. God’s people used to be the children of Israel.
  4. We are part of God’s family 2:19-22
    1. We are not strangers and foreigners anymore as we once were.
    2. We will be in the same household, which means we will be treated as family.
  5. We are the body of Christ. 1:22-23
    1. We are Jesus’ hands, feet and mouth here on earth.

i.      Every instance of the miraculous was to verify what was being said by men.

  1. Paul on the road to Damascus
  2. Peter on the day of Pentecost.
  3. Cornelius was sent Peter.

ii.      We go and spread His message.

iii.      We go and take care of His people.

  1. We are not a physical building but a building made of living stones. 1Pet 2:5

i.      If things stones are missing you notice.

ii.      If stones are missing it is weak.

iii.      When we are here we are firming up the congregation.

  1. Hebrews 10:25 forsake not the assembling.
  2. Why not forsake?  We are to be an encouragement to others
  3. We are to prefer others over our self.
  4. If we are at home during worship then how can we be an encouragement to your fellow brethren?
  5. We are citizens of God’s kingdom. 2:19
    1. We are fellow citizens with the greatest group of people in the world.

i.      People that will love and care for each other for eternity.

ii.      A People not steeped in greed and hatred.

  1. We are part of an everlasting kingdom that will never be taken over by an outside enemy by force.


  1.  There are many more blessed things we are in the church, the body of Christ.
  2. We have the assurance of an eternal kingdom with God.
  3. God has provided this blessed institution to be with his fallen people.

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