Did the Apostles Ever Give Up?








Sometimes I will sit and wonder if the early apostles ever had doubt or had trouble being motivated to get this gospel to all the world.  It would seem that after being put in prison and receiving a beating because of your cause, would one start to lose your motivation to go back out and do it all over again.  Of the apostles you never hear of one dropping off.  There are those that were not apostles that left for various reasons such as  going back to the present world.  How did they keep motivated to do the work of the kingdom?  I don’t have all the answers but they all exhibited an attitude of praise to  God.  They constantly were talking of all the hardship of their Lord which they could share.  They considered the hardship to be fellowship with their Lord that  went through the exact same thing on this earth.  They saw it as a privilege to suffer with Him.  Are we looking for a rough life?  Absolutely not, but maybe we still need to be reminded that our Lord took the punishment of the world and lived a sin free life showing us that it can be done.  We need to be reminded every so often that God loves us and wants the best for us even in our present dire situation.  Stay encouraged this week.  Pray for strength for yourself and your brethren.  Stay thankful for all that we have on this earth. –Bryan–


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