Learning from Leaders


When we think of all the great leaders that we study about in secular history, it seems that they had a focus on what was important at that time.  George Washington knew what was at stake when joining in the revolution against the British.  He saw the tyranny of that mighty country.  Abraham Lincoln saw the evils of slavery during his presidency.  They knew the importance of taking on these issues headlong and focusing on these major problems of their time.  Let us now contrast these with the great leaders of the Bible.  The great leaders of the Bible had their own issues but what made them truly great was their focus on God.  Noah led his family to be the only ones saved during the flood.  Moses led the people of God out of the bondage of Egypt to a land that would be given them.  David defeated the enemies of Israel all around their land.  These men all had a focus to do the will of God.  Their success was not determined by their focus on the problem but on the one solution.  That solution was the will of God.  There is much to learn from their example.  We today have problems and issues but many times the solution is to focus on our Lord and do His will. The promises of God are as real today as they were in the times of the great leaders of the Bible.  Our dependence on these promises will never be lacking. We serve a God that cannot lie (Tit.1:2; Num. 23:19; Heb. 6:18) and He has promised to take care of His children.






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