A Small Army


I don’t know if anyone noticed something strange about the bulletins last year.  If one still has possession of one, you can see the background is that of a battle scene.  The original was taken from an old piece of artwork depicting the battle of Gideon.  I guess you could say I was putting subliminal messages in our print material but in reality it was a reminder that we are part of a small army.  We possess very similar attributes to this Bible story.  The army that Gideon was given was smaller than he wanted. He did not understand God had a perfect number of fighting soldiers for His purpose.  Today, we are small in number but contain exactly what God needs to perform His purpose in this area.   One might ask why things are not getting done.  We are small enough that we must look at ourselves to see if we are doing our part.  Many want to jump at the chance to grow a huge congregation  but will neglect the growth of the individual.  This is the year to commit ourselves to God’s plan and purpose.  Do not let this opportunity get past you.  You are essential.  Your talents are needed. Your encouragement is necessary.  Let God use you this year for His glory.  May God bless your efforts.

Love you all,


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